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MIXED COMPANY ››› mixed places hamburg city
June 8 - July 24, 2016

MIXED COMPANY ››› mixed places is an exhibition project on the subject of community. In cooperation with the association Mehr als zu viel e.V., the Galerie der Villa of Elbe-Werkstätten GmbH presents selected guest and resident artists’ interpretations of the subject across five different locations in the center of Hamburg. Links are created between different places and people, assumptions are questioned, perspectives are shifted, heterotopias are depicted, and different societal roles are explored.

mixed places

place 1 Krameramtsgasse
Krayenkamp 10/11, 20459 Hamburg

place 2 Affenfaust Galerie
Paul-Roosen-Str. 43, 22767 Hamburg

place 3 Fachbuchhandlung Sautter & Lackmann
Admiralitätstr. 71-72, 20459 Hamburg

place 4 Gängeviertel
Speckstr. 83-87, 20355 Hamburg

place 5 Oberpostdirektion
Stephansplatz 3, 20354 Hamburg

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Harald Stoffers, Brief 162, 2010
wasserfester Filzstift auf Karton, 100 x 70 cm




June 8 - July 16, 2016

MIXED COMPANY ››› mixed places presents at the first exhibition site Krameramtsgasse a spatial installation of Anja Scheffler-Rehse (*1961, DE) and letters of Harald Stoffers (*1961, DE). Anja Scheffler-Rehse creates specially for this place an installation that occupies one of both rooms almost completely. In addition to these two artists works of further 13 artists of the Galerie der Villa will be shown:

Thomas Beisgen, Maksim Boksgorn, Sven Freundt, Hanne Götsch, Tim Jendrzejewski, Manuela Koch, Silke Marohn, Bernd Ollhorn, Sabine Runge, Ulrike Schönau, Paul Kai Schröder, Olaf Wegner, Michael Witte

Wednesday June 8, 2016 from 7 p.m.

Krameramtsgasse · Krayenkamp 10/11 · 20459 Hamburg

Opening hours
Wednesday - Sunday 2 - 7 p.m.

Adelaida Cue Bär & Konstanze Habermann
Browsky’s letzter Streich, 2015, Fotografie



June 12 - July 24, 2016

MIXED COMPANY ››› mixed places presents at the second exhibition site Affenfaust Galerie as part of the group show 142 Jahre Kunst in Hamburg works of the Galerie der Vila artists Harald Stoffers (*1961, DE), Karl-Heinz Maukel (*1959, DE), Silke Marohn (*1970, DE) and Ulrike Schönau (*1968, DE). In cooperation with the association Mehr als zu viel e.V. the artists Adelaida Cue Bär and Konstanze Habermann have also been invited.

Adelaida Cue Bär, Konstanze Habermann, Silke Marohn, Karl-Heinz Maukel, Ulrike Schönau, Harald Stoffers

Saturday June 11,  2016 from 8 p.m.

Affenfaust Galerie · Paul-Roosen-Str. 43 · 22767 Hamburg

Opening hours
Wednesday, Thursday & Satuday 2 - 6 p.m.

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MIXED COMPANY ››› mixed places hamburg city
MIXED COMPANY ››› mixed places 1 + 2


Michael Witte, o.T., 2015, Waterproofed feltpen and crayon on paper, 42 x 60 cm


June 24 - July 19, 2016


MIXED COMPANY ››› mixed places presents at its third exhibition site, the specialized bookstore Sautter & Lackmann, works of the Galerie der Villa artist Michael Witte (*1962, DE).

In his drawings Michael Witte focuses on the city as an overall structure in the way a cartographer does. Nevertheless Witte reinterprets the visible and sees the city from a different angle which one can observe by visiting the exhibition of 23 drawings at the specialized bookstore Sautter & Lackmann. Network structures do play an important role in his work: although conformity with local transport networks of well-known cities exists, real names and topographic maps mix with personal notes, associations and figures. Here, we have different systems which permeate one another and occasionally the transport routes assume a surprisingly organic quality. Therefore his drawing of Hamburg has become the motif for the exhibition project MIXED COMPANY ››› mixed places hamburg city, because Michael Witte understands to bring together the subject of community, heterotopias and different societal roles. For Witte drawing is a method to organize knowledge, it’s a decipherment attempt and likewise an apotropaic magic to ward off demons and to protect from harm.

Further information about Michael Witte here

Thursday June 23, 2016 from 7 p.m.

Fachbuchhandlung Sautter & Lackmann
Admiralitätstr. 71-72 · 20459 Hamburg

Opening hours
Monday - Friday 10 a.m. - 7 p.m. & Saturday 11a.m. - 6 p.m.


Rüdiger Frauenhoffer, Die Post (Detailansicht), 2015


June 25 - July 15, 2016



MIXED COMPANY ››› mixed places presents at its fourth exhibition site, the Galerie Speckstraße | Gängeviertel, works of the Galerie der Villa artist Rüdiger Frauenhoffer (*1969, DE). The artist creates fictional stories that consist of his personal relationships and daily news from media. In doing so, familiar persons as well as protagonists from the yellow press join up to new figures with partly changed or recomposed names. His framework of little narratives resembles a huge net made out of thousands of knots or even corresponds to the encyclopedic World Wide Web system. Frauenhoffer picks up mechanisms and techniques of contemporary communication and weaves the little narratives into the texture of everyday life (Lyotard). In cooperation with the association Mehr als zu viel e.V. the artists Adelaida Cue Bär and Konstanze Habermann also have been invited to show the installation of their abandoned trailer Browksy Palace on the waste land next tot he gallery Speckstraße. Inside the caravan the imaginery and also chimerical story of the clown Browsky, his three-armed wife and their dogs is being told.

Friday June 24, 2016 from 7 p.m.

Galerie Speckstraße | Gängeviertel
Speckstr. 83-87 · 20355 Hamburg

Opening hours
Wednesday - Sunday 2 -7 p.m. and by appointment

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MIXED COMPANY ››› mixed places 3 + 4

Simon Schede

Sie liebt mich, sie liebt mich nicht...
Radierung 2014


Exil Kunstverein Jesteburg 

June 29 - July 10, 2016

Stefanie Becker, Sven Freundt, Anna Lena Grau, Daniel Hopp, Tim Jendrzejewski, Jan Köchermann, Rupprecht Matthies, Silke Marohn, Karl-Heinz Maukel, Ruth May, Oliver Ross, Simon Schede, Anja Scheffler-Rehse, Paul Kai Schröder, Harald Stoffers, Peter Wulf

MIXED COMPANY ››› mixed places presents at its fifth and last exhibition site Alte Oberpostdirektion at Stephansplatz works of invited artists and of Galerie der Villa artists. They all have been asked to reflect on the subject of community, to create links between different places and people, to question assumptions, shift perspectives, depict heterotopias and explore different societal roles. As a result a variety of differents parts became one unity.

It’s about patchworking of artistic and geographic connections, to be on speaking terms, to reflect on the other and to engage others in a debate. Highly diverse ideas, structures and attitudes have been combined and different skills of people have been leveraged to reveal conglomerating systems. The group exhibition is an allocation of competences that continuously has increased with every single piece of work and every person. The idea of the exhibition project MIXED COMPANY ››› is to change, develop, produce, reject, begin again, act, get to know, accept, refuse, collect and create in a collaborative way.

What does this mean for the individual and what does it mean for the whole?
The Big Picture doesn’t make sense without the indivual which is why this exhibitions represents connections and re-enacts a lively relationship to the otherness. MIXED COMPANY ››› introduces a brief social moment of taking the opposite seriously.

Tuesday June 28, 2016 from 7 p.m

Oberpostdirektion/ Kunstverein Jesteburg · Stephansplatz 3 · 20354 Hamburg

Opening hours
Wednesday - Saturday 2 - 6 p.m.

Presstext in german
MIXED COMPANY ››› mixed places 5


Guided Tours of the five exhibitions
Friday July 1, 2016
Thursday July 7, 2016
6 to 8 p.m.
start location: Krayenkamp 10/11, 20459 Hamburg

Finissage of all venues
Friday July 15, 2016 from 7 p.m.
Gängeviertel · Speckstr. 83-87 · 20355 Hamburg


What is the modern definition of community? What sort of community do I want to live in? Or – viewed the other way round – what common values reflect the community that I live in? Which public spaces are available and to whom, and what boundaries are set on their use? How are heterotopias – i.e. places with their own rules – created in this process and how do these places reflect community relationships?

MIXED COMPANY ››› mixed places focuses on social empathy – the ability to place oneself in another person’s shoes, adopt his or her perspective, and to explicitly recognize the foreignness of others. Artists with and without disabilities have taken over temporary locations in Hamburg and are working on a wide variety of artistic productions. No information is given about personal backgrounds so that the focus lies solely on artistic merit. As community-driven, participatory urban development has a strong influence on current and future issues, the selection of the exhibition spaces is another way in which the project is making a statement.

Topics such as the impact of art, how art-related institutions see themselves, and interaction between art and the community will also be addressed in posters, films and book editions. MIXED COMPANY ››› mixed places can be understood as an appeal to the “optimistic, open-to-happiness […] loving ego” and an attempt to illustrate – through a range of different artistic positions – what community means today, what constitutes community, and where boundaries lie. It is more than a mere revaluation of the term, whose mention today tends to conjure up associations with appeals for donations. It is far more about observing, without sentimentalism, the current state of our community in order to develop ideas about how future communities will be shaped.

Flyer for download


Kulturtipp, NDR Hamburg Journal, June 8, 2016


Die große Schau der jungen Wilden,
Hamburger Morgenpost, June 10, 2016

pdf Version


Hamburger Kunstgriff, gallerytalk, June 09, 2016

pdf Version


Mitten in die Stadt, Szene Hamburg, June 2016




MIXED COMPANY ››› mixed places hamburg city

Stefanie Becker, Thomas Beisgen, Maksim Boksgorn, Adelaida Cue Bär, Rüdiger Frauenhoffer, Sven Freundt, Hanne Göttsch, Anna Lena Grau, Konstanze Habermann, Daniel Hopp, Tim Jendrzejewski, Manuela Koch, Jan Köchermann, Rupprecht Matthies, Silke Marohn, Karl-Heinz Maukel, Ruth May, Bernd Ollhorn, Oliver Ross, Sabine Runge, Simon Schede, Anja Scheffler-Rehse, Ulrike Schönau, Paul Kai Schröder, Harald Stoffers, Olaf Wegner, Michael Witte, Peter Wulf.

With texts by Peter Heidenwag, Corinna Koch, Katha Schulte, Iris Wehberg

Edited by Peter Heidenwag

18 x 27 cm, Newspaper
32 pages, 27 images

5,- Euro incl. 7% VAT plus shipping costs.




Dank an Prof. Dr. Steinkraus, das Dermatologikum Hamburg
und die Dorothea und Martha Sprenger Stiftung