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Installation view with works by Manuela Koch, Karl-Heinz Maukel, Anja Scheffler-Rehse, Paul Kai Schröder
Mixed Company >>>, Freitagssalon, Hamburg, 2015

Fotos: Fred Dott | Galerie der Villa



Mehr als zu viel (More than too much) at freitagssalon

Manuela Koch, Karl-Heinz Maukel, Oliver Ross, Anja Scheffler-Rehse, Paul Kai Schröder, Harald Stoffers, Michael Witte, Peter Wulf

The exhibition Mixed Company presents new works by Mehr als zu viel (Mazv) and Galerie der Villa at freitagssalon, August 21st-28th, 2015.

Mazv invites you to experience a doubling of space in the freitagssalon, a
staging that gives insight into the internal and external systems of
perception. Then the encounter - Mixed Company ›››

Friday 21. August 2015 · 6 p.m. · 22.08.–28.08.2015

freitagssalon, Detlev-Bremer-Straße 15, 20359 Hamburg

Guided tour
Thursday 27. August 2015 · 6 p.m

Friday 28. August 2015 · 6 p.m.

Opening hours
Wednesday to Saturday 4 p.m.- 8 p.m.